Spirit of the Sasquatch. A message from the High Council of Elders

Dear fellow brothers and sisters, what is the meaning of this phrase…To stop squabbling about resources that will never run out? Can we – if everything is ( part of) consciousness- suppose that all things/beings/matter/ resource will take care of themselves?

Sasquatch Close Encounter Network for Interspecies Communication

Greetings. We are the Sasquatch High Council of Elders. We are twelve total and Mike is aware of two of us known to him as Kamooh and Kishcheck. The others of us have not been revealed to him at this time. We have come to him today to send an important message. We are currently in physical form atop Mt. Adams. Sitting in a sacred circle on a beautiful grassy spot we collectively send a message of love and guidance from us your elder brothers to all who call us friends.
Do not confuse why we chose Michael to receive this message at this time. He knows we are with him as we have sent a rare white hawk as a symbol of our walk with him. It matters not who we choose to have as our messengers but it does matter if you are willing to hear our messageā€¦

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